001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 969. The Rest of You

Pupil Tracking with Rocket League

Inspired by this video of eye tracking while playing video games, I used a Pupil Labs’ pupil tracker while playing…Continue readingPupil Tracking with Rocket League

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 202. Video & Imaging 993. Physical Fabrication 999. Miscellaneous

Mood Ring

Mood Ring is an interactive mirror that illuminates based on your mood.Continue readingMood Ring

200. Networks 979. Data Art

Data & Publics: Invisible Crowds

Classmate Michael Blum and I have developed a project proposal for a public intervention project that utilizes data art/visualization called…Continue readingData & Publics: Invisible Crowds

979. Data Art 987. Web Development & APIs

The Color of Music

Building upon my artist lyrics analyzer project, I made a small web app that searches artist lyrics for the colors that they mention…Continue readingThe Color of Music

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 002. Final Projects 200. Networks 987. Web Development & APIs

Lyrics API: Artist Word Choice

Using data from the musixmatch API, I have created a tool that shows what words musical artists use most in…Continue readingLyrics API: Artist Word Choice

200. Networks 990. Connected Devices

Cybersecurity Report: Connected DIY Devices

The instant an Arduino or Raspberry Pi connects to the web (with a public IP) it is out there for…Continue readingCybersecurity Report: Connected DIY Devices

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 002. Final Projects 200. Networks 203. ITP Stuff 990. Connected Devices 993. Physical Fabrication 995. Physical Computing

A Simple Connected Thermostat

The connected thermostat I was building earlier is now complete! 🌡🌡🌡 This thermostat works like a Nest Thermostat (though clearly…Continue readingA Simple Connected Thermostat

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 201. AV Mashups 991. Live Image Processing 994. Sound and Video

I’m a VJ now

Over the past few weeks I have been working on my first ‘patch’ – an interface for controlling an audio-visual…Continue readingI’m a VJ now

995. Physical Computing

From API to LED: Digital Details

Lets call it CRYPT0MANIA – the connected crystal. This post is about the crystals digital details – because it works…Continue readingFrom API to LED: Digital Details

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 002. Final Projects 201. AV Mashups 996. Computational Media

Planet Music

Planet Music is a sound visualizer on the moon! The current version has a set playlist of 6 songs that…Continue readingPlanet Music