979. Data Art

STONKS: Where are they now?

Annual simulated performance report of my totally unfounded. unsolicited stock picks.Continue readingSTONKS: Where are they now?

979. Data Art 990. Connected Devices

ConEd Energy Usage Data

Daily energy usage data from ConEd website – my apartmentContinue readingConEd Energy Usage Data

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 969. The Rest of You

Pupil Tracking with Rocket League

Inspired by this video of eye tracking while playing video games, I used a Pupil Labs’ pupil tracker while playing…Continue readingPupil Tracking with Rocket League

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 202. Video & Imaging 993. Physical Fabrication

Mood Ring

Mood Ring is an electric mirror that uses computer vision to light up based on your mood.Continue readingMood Ring

200. Networks 979. Data Art

Data & Publics: Invisible Crowds

Classmate Michael Blum and I have developed a project proposal for a public intervention project that utilizes data art/visualization called…Continue readingData & Publics: Invisible Crowds

979. Data Art 987. Web Development & APIs

The Color of Music

Building upon my artist lyrics analyzer project, I made a small web app that searches artist lyrics for the colors that they mention…Continue readingThe Color of Music

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 002. Final Projects 200. Networks 987. Web Development & APIs

Lyrics API: Artist Word Choice

Using data from the musixmatch API, I have created a tool that shows what words musical artists use most in…Continue readingLyrics API: Artist Word Choice

200. Networks 990. Connected Devices

Cybersecurity Report: Connected DIY Devices

The instant an Arduino or Raspberry Pi connects to the web (with a public IP) it is out there for…Continue readingCybersecurity Report: Connected DIY Devices

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 002. Final Projects 200. Networks 203. ITP Stuff 990. Connected Devices 993. Physical Fabrication 995. Physical Computing

A Simple Connected Thermostat

The connected thermostat I was building earlier is now complete! 🌡🌡🌡 This thermostat works like a Nest Thermostat (though clearly…Continue readingA Simple Connected Thermostat

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 201. AV Mashups 991. Live Image Processing 994. Sound and Video

I’m a VJ now

Over the past few weeks I have been working on my first ‘patch’ – an interface for controlling an audio-visual…Continue readingI’m a VJ now