968. Big LEDs

Tribute in Light

The Tribute in Light memorial to 9/11 is an awe-inspiring light installation. As an NYC native, I find it powerful…Continue readingTribute in Light

200. Networks 979. Data Art

Data & Publics: Invisible Crowds

Classmate Michael Blum and I have developed a project proposal for a public intervention project that utilizes data art/visualization called…Continue readingData & Publics: Invisible Crowds

204. Writing & Critical Analysis 978. Cabinets of Wonder

The 100: Museum Edition

Prompt: It’s the year 2118. You take your class (or your kids) to the Museum of 2018. Describe what’s in…Continue readingThe 100: Museum Edition

978. Cabinets of Wonder

Field Trip 2.0: American Natural History Museum

Last week I went to the American Natural History Museum through the lens of a museum/exhibit critic. I remember as…Continue readingField Trip 2.0: American Natural History Museum

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 988. Fungus Among Us

A Tale of Two Mycelia

In late February 2018, I inoculated three mycelial networks that eventually grew into the block you see here. This post…Continue readingA Tale of Two Mycelia

002. Final Projects 200. Networks 987. Web Development & APIs

The Perception Test: Higher Order Beliefs

Economics is regarded as a ‘soft science’ because it studies a field that is heavily influenced by human behavior. Despite…Continue readingThe Perception Test: Higher Order Beliefs

997. Applications

Make an atlas of the whole universe

…and fly through it!! First class of ITP (Applications with Nancy) featured a presentation from Carter Emmart, who toured us around space…Continue readingMake an atlas of the whole universe