001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 201. AV Mashups 991. Live Image Processing 994. Sound and Video

I’m a VJ now

Over the past few weeks I have been working on my first ‘patch’ – an interface for controlling an audio-visual…Continue readingI’m a VJ now

995. Physical Computing

From API to LED: Digital Details

Lets call it CRYPT0MANIA – the connected crystal. This post is about the crystals digital details – because it works…Continue readingFrom API to LED: Digital Details

993. Physical Fabrication

Final Project, FOR FREE!

Worship of Cthulhu is a final project that costed $0 to make. NYU ITP has a lot of resources available…Continue readingFinal Project, FOR FREE!

203. ITP Stuff 995. Physical Computing

Coin Collection Switch

Did you ever have one of these? They are fun to complete, but what do you get when you collect…Continue readingCoin Collection Switch