968. Big LEDs

LED Umbrella

Classmates Dom Cheng, Terrick Gutierrez attached an LED array to an umbrella because… why not?! ☂️💡Continue readingLED Umbrella

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Fluto is a life-size colossal wind instrument. With Fluto, you can conduct an audio-visual symphony with others through your mobile device.Continue readingFLUTO

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 204. Writing & Critical Analysis 979. Data Art

Spotify – The Enlightened Music Data Despot

Why is public perception of Spotify less like a “looming corporate data farmer” and more like an “enlightened data despot”?Continue readingSpotify – The Enlightened Music Data Despot

999. Miscellaneous

Bizarro Hopscotch

Earlier this year, a classmate and I created an innocent public installation designed to make people do a “double-take” and…Continue readingBizarro Hopscotch

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 993. Physical Fabrication 999. Miscellaneous

Tailor Gang

This post is a summary of the work and learnings from ITP’s Soft Sensing class. In addition to making the…Continue readingTailor Gang

200. Networks 988. Fungus Among Us

Net Net – Fungus Online

As part of a workshop-style course called ‘The Fungus Among Us’ I have developed a conceptual use for Mycelium networks…Continue readingNet Net – Fungus Online

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 996. Computational Media

Two D-10 vs One D-20

The dice theme continues this week with a p5 program that lets you roll a variety of dice and observe…Continue readingTwo D-10 vs One D-20

996. Computational Media

UPDATE: Where’s Waldo 2

Huazzah, the previous Where’s Waldo sketch has been updated. Interact with it here. Now when you target and click Waldo’s head, you…Continue readingUPDATE: Where’s Waldo 2

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 203. ITP Stuff 995. Physical Computing

Dice Catapult 5000

Do you ever get tired of throwing your own dice during a particularly long game of Monopoly? Me neither because…Continue readingDice Catapult 5000

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 202. Video & Imaging 996. Computational Media

Spinny Squares, baby!

UPDATE: Spinny squares now has COLOR! You can play with it by clicking here and reading the instructions in the top…Continue readingSpinny Squares, baby!