996. Computational Media

UPDATE: Where’s Waldo 2

Huazzah, the previous Where’s Waldo sketch has been updated. Interact with it here.

Now when you target and click Waldo’s head, you get a special confirmation that you have done the deed.

The following changes were made under the hood:

  • Use of functions to organize code
  • Use of dictionaries to pair values
  • Use of window dimensions instead of absolute values
  • Use of more variable-based values instead of absolute values

At this point in my overall programming experience, the functions, classes, and the overall object-oriented approach are starting to sink in. I see how keeping things modular with functions can make the easier to debug, more flexible, and perhaps more universal.

There seems to be a tradeoff of time invested in order to make something “more universal” (e.g. adding more-dynamic dimensions for canvas and image size), and the simplicity of the entire operation. This tradeoff will be interesting to explore in the future.

From my current perspective, the overall attitude seems to be “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” – While this attitude may be right for the professional world, I would love to revisit this project when I am more advanced in order to see what could be easily improved.

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