202. Video & Imaging 996. Computational Media

Find that f**ker!

No more finger pointing, once we find Waldo this time we are ENDING IT.

Find him for yourself by running the p5 file found here; code can be found hereThe following elements are present in the sketch:

  • One element controlled by the mouse: The scope itself.
  • One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse: the circling arcs of the scope.
  • One element that is different every time you run the sketch: the background (aka which Waldo scene will present itself).

This p5 sketch was inspired by two things:

  1. The description of the ‘red haze’ that descends over ‘Gunslingers’ in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series; an amazing series that was recently butchered by Hollywood. The haze is described well by the following illustration:
  2. The scope of the Overwatch (video game) character Widowmaker:

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