994. Sound and Video

Sound walk: Underwater Escape

Fellow classmate Yeon Hee and I have created an underwater escape sound walk for your listening pleasure.

You can hear it here:


The recording was made using a shotgun microphone which works like this:

Using this mic we did a 5 minute recording of an area over the sink of ITP:

The recording collected included noise from the microwave, the clinking of dishes, ambient voices and talking, but most frequently, the sound of the SINK.

After analyzing the sound, we decided to create a aquatic-themed walk. First we chopped up the track into its various sound components (water, microwave, dishes and drawers, ambient crowd noise, etc.)

Then we got rid of all the non-aquatic noise sections and added effects to the ‘water’ track including:

  • Pitch modification (making it more of a “wet” sound)
  • DeEsser, removing some of the hiss of the faucet
  • Equalizer modification, increasing the mid-range dB and reducing the extreme highs and lows

For a final polish to the track, we downloaded some bubbling sounds from (thanks Inspector J, MattJ99, and RobinHood76) and mixed the volume and fades to appropriate levels.

After tweaking these values, the final product was ready! Enjoy.

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