989. Pixel Art 998. Digital Art


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999. Miscellaneous

Skull Mountain Drawing

original sketch as draw LIVE trying to draw gold dirt mounds and detail specking the dirt More DnD StuffContinue readingSkull Mountain Drawing

202. Video & Imaging 994. Sound and Video

Cadheyo Cam

For dungeons and dragons in quarantimes – Cadheyo is my character in the wonderful campaign titled “What’s one more?” Using…Continue readingCadheyo Cam

202. Video & Imaging 991. Live Image Processing

Level Up Your Zoom Game with OBS

Forget simple Zoom settings for custom backgrounds – get a whole new level of customization for your Zoom using OBS.…Continue readingLevel Up Your Zoom Game with OBS

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 996. Computational Media

Two D-10 vs One D-20

The dice theme continues this week with a p5 program that lets you roll a variety of dice and observe…Continue readingTwo D-10 vs One D-20