999. Miscellaneous

Streaming for Dummies

There’s nothing more frustrating than a nasty feedback loop or laggy connection. In this new zoom-filled world, I’ve been getting…Continue readingStreaming for Dummies

002. Final Projects 202. Video & Imaging 992. Animation

(Welcome to) Planet Music

Before landing on Planet Music, a spaceman traveled a great distance in response to the musical phenomenon. Along the way…Continue reading(Welcome to) Planet Music

993. Physical Fabrication

Totally Tubular

I like working with the shotgun microphone during Sound & Video projects. It is useful because it records mostly in one direction,…Continue readingTotally Tubular

002. Final Projects 203. ITP Stuff 994. Sound and Video

A/V Video Project: Final Video

As the last digital film scraps are swept away from the metaphorical cutting room floor, I am happy to announce…Continue readingA/V Video Project: Final Video

994. Sound and Video

A/V Video Project: Capturing Video with a DSLR

Utilizing our storyboarding from last week, our A/V team collected the raw footage we will use to make our informational…Continue readingA/V Video Project: Capturing Video with a DSLR

998. Digital Art

Student with a Moving Camera

A Zeitgeist of my society to the tune of “The Magician” from Dziga Vertov’s “Man With a Movie Camera.”Continue readingStudent with a Moving Camera