002. Final Projects 202. Video & Imaging 992. Animation

(Welcome to) Planet Music

Before landing on Planet Music, a spaceman traveled a great distance in response to the musical phenomenon. Along the way he met and grooved with super-saiyan by the name of Will Hallet.

Copyright to Swedish House Mafia and Virgin / EMI for the song Greyhound.

The animation was made in Adobe After Effects. We used an organized scene structure based on our storyboard to work on bits of the video individually…

..ultimately merging them into one reel! For some animations, we used code to command transformation – Expressions in After Effects. 

We used a wiggle and loop function to make the effect of stars flying by in one scene. We also use wiggle for the floating effects of assets in other places. In other places, we painstakingly choreographed the motion.

We also used quite a bit of green screen video and keylighting, so thanks to PixelBoom CG and FreeFootageParadise for the input video.

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