992. Animation 998. Digital Art

Generative Art

Created a short video clip riffing a repetitive activity in Adobe After Effects 😀Continue readingGenerative Art

002. Final Projects 202. Video & Imaging 992. Animation

(Welcome to) Planet Music

Before landing on Planet Music, a spaceman traveled a great distance in response to the musical phenomenon. Along the way…Continue reading(Welcome to) Planet Music

992. Animation 998. Digital Art 999. Miscellaneous

Reach for the stars

A quick video exploring some animation techniques in adobe after effects.Continue readingReach for the stars

992. Animation

Wacky Nonsense

I spent a lot of time this week in the Adobe Creative Suite – Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. So…Continue readingWacky Nonsense

997. Applications 999. Miscellaneous

Sharky Tanky

A few colleagues and I put together a little performance for the class, inspired by a presentation from Sigi Moeslinger…Continue readingSharky Tanky