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A/V Video Project: Final Video

As the last digital film scraps are swept away from the metaphorical cutting room floor, I am happy to announce the completion of the following instructional video on how to laser cut an acrylic box. Enjoy!

ITP: Laser Cut Box Instructable from Jim on Vimeo.

The final product looks and sounds rather professional, so I would call it a success for our Sound & Video final project.

Looking back at the journey to create this video: it started as a storyboard, was then filmed and edited for the past two weeks. This past week featured lots of voice-overs / narration and many other small (but time consuming!) changes to the rough cut we strung together last week.

Again, I’m very thankful to have worked with all-stars Jim and YeonheeΒ I found we really managed this as a team quite well. ✌️

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