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Call of COVIDuty

A poem for the boys that carry me over and over again in Call of Duty

Last Stand at Verdansk

A battle hymn for the boys

Oh verdansk, where doth your fair circles lay this eve?
From gulag to golang, the ginger boy jeeves
Its orange treasure we seek and, ye, glory too
Squads’ in the plane, and we comin for you

Chutes whip, from the heavens descend
Wild card monkey dives for tank again
Landed and hunting, dishing quick daily pwnage
We look ahead to where the next zone is

Not long before knight scouts a glint, hears a zip
A rústling weedbush booms, reloads a clip
The target is down, more accurately, leveled
Silly mistake, playing chickon with deez evil devils

With the wind at our backs, all green poison n’ shit
Good mates remind armor when thou art hit
Lucky on a mission with a red access card
We lay scrubs down from Dam, to Prison, to Boneyard

written with love for Rob, Rafe, Nick, Thomas, and Ian
with honOrable mention to Joseph, Ty and Forrest

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