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Simone’s Famous Stuffing

The biggest secret to my famous stuffing is… it’s not really a MY recipe!

"This stuffing is too good"

My “family stuffing” is now world-famous, revered at friendsgivings for almost a decade now. 

I’m here to share the recipe and note – all credit is due to my stepmom Simone and her mother, the wonderful Oma Josée

delicious thanksgiving plate including this famous stuffing


Ingredients - Serves 8
Preparation ~2 hours

Warm stock separately in a pot

Melt butter in large pan

Add onions and cook on low-medium to soften but not brown- add garlic and sage

Add celery and mushrooms Рsaut̩e about 10 mins

Remove vegetables to large bowl

Put bread in large bowl with the veggies

Add salt, pepper and parsley.

Add warm stock – dressing should be very moist but not soaking wet – add stock if needed.

Either use it to stuff turkey or put it in a separate roasting pan and bake at 350 for about one hour (or both)


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