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Cryptomania is a sculpture designed as commentary on the cryptocurrency pandemonium. It lights up based on the 1 hour price change (a percentage value) of a particular crypto-currency – Ethereum.

Note: For details on how the physical enclosure was made, read more here. For details on the code and wiring of the crystal, read more here.

The crystal is intended to encapsulate the mania by showing an ambiguous, but real time indication “good” or “bad” sentiment. The sculpture is intended to call the following concepts for consideration:

  • The hive-mind mentality of observing a price as a proxy for “real” value
  • The populist and over-simplified media coverage of blockchain technology
  • The shortsighted, accelerationist nature of cryptocurrency discourse and “technical analysis” by so-called experts

The crystal is a passive object that pulses with varying intensity and direction over time.

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