202. Video & Imaging 992. Animation

Sailing through Christmas

My first project using Unityย – a 3-D game engine.

I created a character using Adobe Fuse (incredibly buggy, sidelined software at the moment), and found animations for it in Mixamo. These characters can then be uploaded to Unity.

As you can see, the character is pretty good, but not perfect –ย  our characters poor feet pay the price.

After starting work with Unity, the concept of these objects being in a sort-of infinite 3D space got me to thinking about how that space could be explored.

After experiencing an falling off the “plane” that one inevitably creates, I was inspired to see how far I could go with it. The platform suspended in the sky reminded me of Kami’s Lookout from Dragonball Z!

A training ground miles high in the air, held up by an improbably thin beam! So I made something that could be jumped off of.

Jumping off the edge of something also reminded me of this awesome cat vid:

So I put the two together and added a Christmas theme. A couple things a did for the first time in Unity to make it work:

  • A camera that follows the player through code instead of parenting
  • Collision spheres and boxes
  • Player animation looping, sequencing, and timing
  • Use of assets from the store
  • Organization of assets – look @ those folders!

    This was my first time working in a 3D environment – navigating was very frustrating at first, but is getting more intuitive, especially with a combo of the trackpad, qwerty keys, and 3 button mouse.

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