978. Cabinets of Wonder

Diorama of a Daily Ritual

As training to make our very own exhibits someday, my class is making dioramas of a daily ritual from our personal lives.

I chose to demonstrate the daily ritual of wireless communication!


This diorama is a dizzying dance down the penrose steps of a common daily ritual. It drums between different connected devices, blinking in turn as the are descended upon over and over again.

This is the second assignment of late that has asked for a self-portrait of some kind.

I love my connected devices – they include a laptop and smartphone along with a smart watch, wireless headphones, and other IoT devices such as the Philips Hue lights.

So in this ritual, our protagonist Mario looks hopefully onward as his connected wrist device give him feedback:

Then, the eager smartphone jingles with information of all sorts…

..the lights – also connected to the internet – dim and brighten…

..and finally the computer relays some long-form information.

Mario was chosen to demonstrate the willingness and enthusiasm with which we climb these steps. Engaging in this daily ritual is not necessarily a fruitless activity, just one of intense and regular repetition.

🎃 Bonus SPOOKY version 🎃

This Sisyphean struggle is a tale as old as time, but I’ve enjoyed giving it a modern spin more than once.


Here is a quick summary of how I made this diorama:

word association, sketching and measuring
painted a box and printed penrose steps with some connected friends
programmed some LEDs
ohhh my god they killed Kenny! Punctured for LED berth
stripped and soldered a wire set
glue, tape & solder
all together, powered by a rechargeable battery

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