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‘Speaky the speaker’ finds a new home

In case you haven’t noticed: I. Love. To. Decorate. This week I made and decorated an enclosure for a speaker.

I pulled this little guy out of an old projector on the “junk shelf” of NYU ITP and named it ‘speaky’. All it needed was a home! Poor speaky.

It’s alone and scared!

To find a home for speaky, I went to the Container Store; a place that has a million things that you didn’t realize you needed until you saw them.

I ended up picking a simple 4″ x 4″ x 4″ acrylic cube with a lid as speaky’s new home. It was a good fit for speaky.





Using my handy digital calipers, I took the exact measurements of the box and speaker.

I did this for two reasons:

A. To create a laser cutting template.

Speaky can’t express itself without and outlet from the enclosure, so I laser cut a hole the size of the speaker using the measurements of the enclosure and the speaker. This was fun because I lowered the laser cutter bed all the way, and it exactly fit the box! Happy accidents.

B. To make appropriately sized decorations.

Thats right – just like to the decals used for the crystal, I returned to the Cameo vinyl cutter to make some music iconography for the enclosure. It was very nice to have used the tool before, everything went off much more smoothly.

I then attached the decals to the box, covered the hole with painter’s tape and got to it. I tried to blend some colors together to give the cube a little more personality.

I then removed the decals and put speaky in his new home!

Finally, I added some mothafuckin’ rubber feeeeet!


Speaky isn’t currently wired up, but there is room for whatever components need to be added later, as well as an easy way to add ports to the back as necessary. A future project awaits…

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