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Youngest Guy in the “Zoom”

On a panel hosted by NYU about Blockchain’s role in Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability

In June 2020 I was on a panel hosted by my lovely alma-mater NYU Stern.Β 

The panelΒ was moderated by Tensie Whelan, Clinical Professor of Business and Society and Director of the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, alongside innovators such as Leandro Nunes, Vice President of Product Development & Innovation at Mastercard Labs.

What's Inside?

– BlockApps Introduction @Β 4:08
– Impact of COVID on Enterprise Blockchain (Data Quality) @Β 16:20
– Resilient Supply Chains @Β 17:00

– Sustainability Trends from Enterprises (Bigger Priority) @Β 17:38
– BlockApps Energy Efficiency Project @Β 33:30,Β 34:02
– Energy Network Expansion @Β 35:38

– Data Stewardship @ 52:29
– Data Standards @Β 53:47
– New Governance Models @Β 54:40
– Interoperability @ 55:15

– Garbage in, Garbage out @Β 1:03:02
– People, Processes AND Technology @Β 1:03:16
– IoT Devices will help @Β 1:03:40
– Value of the STRATO API @Β 1:04:22


– Certification Taxonomy Already In-play @Β 1:12:36
– Enterprise Blockchain Standards Definition @Β 1:12:56

– A system is only as strong as the ‘weakest link in the chain’ @ 1:13:20

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