991. Live Image Processing

Embracing Serendipity: Sunlight & Voyeurism

I see a lot of potential to manipulate time and light elements with Max/MSP, so I have begun collecting footage of things that may be interesting to:

  • Speed up, slow down, time lapse, reverse, etc.
  • Apply filters of light to, and play with lens glare a little

Here is an example of some footage I collected recently – biking around Brooklyn. Hopefully it can turn into something nice!

I also like:

  • Videos-on-wheels, whether out the window of a car, on a bike or train, on a snowboard, ATV, whatever.
  • Voyeuristic/surveillance videos of people going through everyday life. A long time ago I made a video project using mostly this type of recording.
  • Videos through doorways or around corners. I especially like how sometimes the camera has to adjust to the new lighting mid-recording. It reminds me of the effects they use in video games.

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