996. Computational Media

Spend two hours making a child-like drawing

Hi ICM class.

Many many years ago, my friends and I created a “logo” for our “squad” called The Muffin Men. The logo itself is a muffin that reflects the sentiment of the name: funny & cute, but maybe serious?

You can see one (pixelated) rendition of the logo at the top of the page. For this week’s exercise I created the muffin in p5 and it looks like this:

To do this I utilized the p5 Shape reference page and made the muffin out of shapes primarily including the curveVertex() function to make the curves you see around the muffin top. To make the eyes, I tried a different curve function called quadraticVertex(), which I like much better.

I also explored variables by making world’s lamest variable: ‘m’, which is just equal to 10. Variable m is used as a multiplier for the size of the shapes, such that if you change m, the muffin’s size and location changes too. For example, here it is when m is 4.5:

The goal for the future is to turn the muffin into a somewhat autonomous object that can be injected, multiplied, and/or manipulated in future projects.

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