998. Digital Art

$50K Worth of Cartography Lessons?!?


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The use of MapBox has opened my eyes to how strictly limited google maps is.

Although streetview is awesome and revolutionary to me, I agree that their ability continute to create more accurate maps is a continually uphill battle. The Atlantic article opened my eyes to the increasing marginal futility of google’s efforts to make their maps more real.

I swing between appreciation for stylistic vs accurate maps. As a high school student, I rode the train every day, and was an avid NYC subway user in general. I noticed places where the map was super accurate; where slight shifts along the 4-train were reflected in the map. I also noticed places where the map simplified things, such as the 63rd Street to 59th Street connection. I think of this map as art.

The maps on map box are aesthetically beautiful but, in my opinion, are not accurate enough to be useful. Although they are certainly great works of art, I hold things like the MTA subway map in higher regard because of the mix of style and information it provides.

Geo-location will become increasingly important as more and more devices are internet enable. I hope google’s monopoly on the Maps process breaks up a little, but also hope to see continued efforts for increased precision and accuracy (such as StreetView) for the maps I have.

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