Bummerland 2020

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Mixtape Walkthrough

A 60 song mega-mixtape for the highs and lows of Bummerland 2020
1. Country Times

‘Going Up The Country’ thru ‘Marcel’

~ Interlude ~

‘Everything Goes’ by Poolside, remixed by Body Music. A lift-up feel-good song

2. Old Souls

‘The Love I Lost’ thru ‘Cheer Up, My Brother’

Soul, funk, disco and diva

~ Interlude ~

‘Club Whale’ by Kevin Bewesdorf. Our favorite KB song takes us from the disco to electronica

3. Beep Boop Bop

‘Buttercup’ thru ‘Naña’

Polo & Pan provide the perfect transition from beep boop music to the international stage

4. Muy Popular

‘Canopeé’ thru ‘La Santa’

Our favorite international hits including songs from Bad Bunny (Puerto Rico) and Daddy Yankee

~ Interlude ~

‘Didn’t Sell My Soul to Shoreditch’ by Star Slinger. Heartfelt song about not selling out to the music industry “machine”.

Star Slinger croons with an english accent as we head across the oceans

5. Island Vibes

‘Chillin’ Wiv Da Man Dem’ thru ‘Bebey’

Reggae Carribean and British artists. Giggs is one of our favorites.

~ Interlude ~

Two “chill” songs by the great Mulatu Astatke, an Ethiopian musician.

6. Covers

‘Thriller’ thru ‘Passionfruit’

New covers of familiar songs with Miley Cyrus leading the charge.

~ Interlude ~

Catchy Fiona-Apple-Style ‘The Spot’ by Your Smith. Such a nice female vocalist who leads us into a deep dive of…

7. Strong Female Artists

‘Plain’ thru ‘Motivation’

Ladies rule the world. Caleb was 100% obsessed with ‘Motivation’ in Far Rockaway.

~ Final Preclude: 👸 Queens 👸 ~

‘Juicy’, ‘Savage Remix’, and ‘Say So’

Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion and two songs by Doja Cat.

Three masterpieces that made Bummerland bearable at all.

8. Hip Hop & Rap

‘Mood Swing’ thru ‘Transportin’

Pop Smoke. Pop Smoke.  We love Pop Smoke, the kids love Pop Smoke, everyone loves Pop Smoke.


~~ Bonus Tracks ~~

‘Supermodel’ thru ‘Phreaky MF’

Songs for those who like to fly their freak flags

Happy Holidays

We hope these tunes make your holidays and new years a bit sweeter!

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