202. Video & Imaging 994. Sound and Video

Cadheyo Cam

For dungeons and dragons in quarantimes – Cadheyo is my character in the wonderful campaign titled “What’s one more?” Using OBS + johnboiles Virtual Camera plugin now officially have DICE CAM ready for the next DnD session.

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202. Video & Imaging 998. Digital Art 999. Miscellaneous

Chopped Up Video Plane

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 201. AV Mashups 991. Live Image Processing

Smosh Ultimate

Sure, playing video games is fun, but what if we could have even more fun with it? I’m using MaxMSP/Jitter to modify the output of the Nintendo Switch. More specifically, I’m messing with the video output of the console while playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

800. Thesis

Building NCP – Concept & Design

Note: This post expands on the process of design & creation of my thesis project. I knew I wanted to make a text adventure game from the very beginning. Below is the first iteration of my idea. โฉ Fast forward four months and…

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 002. Final Projects 800. Thesis

Thesis Project – North Central Positronics

North Central Positroinics (NCP) is a sprawling online text-adventure game. Link not working? This may be why. This game is set an post-apocalyptic world dominated by an authoritarian collective called North Central Positronics.

968. Big LEDs

LED Umbrella

Classmates Dom Cheng, Terrick Gutierrez attached an LED array to an umbrella because… why not?! โ˜‚๏ธ๐Ÿ’ก

800. Thesis

Thesis Project Update

Note: Until completion, my thesis project documentation is mostly contained within NYU networks. This post is designed to provide some current project information to family, peers, and resources outside of the NYU community.Last updated: April 16 2019๏ปฟ Since starting my thesis project earlier this year, I have completed a Beta of the project (a game)…

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 002. Final Projects 987. Web Development & APIs 990. Connected Devices 993. Physical Fabrication 995. Physical Computing


Fluto is a life-size colossal wind instrument. With Fluto, you can conduct an audio-visual symphony with others through your mobile device.

001. Caleb's Favorite Posts 202. Video & Imaging 993. Physical Fabrication 999. Miscellaneous

Mood Ring

Mood Ring is an interactive mirror that illuminates based on your mood.